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Welcome to my are here that means u want make money from Internet.I am also same like u but the difference is i started little earlier than you.When i was new bee i started doing everything whatever it shows Its paying..But later i understand None of are works for me to make REAL MONEY in my spare time.FINALLY i got to know that TO MAKE MONEY FROM ONLINE WITHOUT INVESTMENT its only POSSIBLE BY TWO WAYS

1.PTC:paid to click                    2.GPT:get paid to TASK

PTC method really great but it only works for those who are having more time to get referrals..else u can't make single here for more details.But if u need some couple bucks right now into your pocket  GPT is the best way..thats  what THIS SITE ALL ABOUT.




if you are new start with paid sites..SO U CAN TASTE SOME COUPLE BUCKS INSTANTLY

Before u start u need to know the following things If u are new to GPT

GPT:[incentive site]  a website that pay people in cash or Gifts for completing provided offers and referring People

Incentive sites pay their users in points for completing offers, however, some pay their users with cash. These offers usually require people to do one of these things: signing up for a site, entering a PIN code (through a mobile device), purchasing trial products or full products or completing surveys.

Referring/recruiting another people
Referring people simply means inviting them to the site under a referral link (this is unique to different users). Referrer are either paid for every person that referrer invited or a percentage of how much they make.

TO start perfectly u may use the tips from HELP page at top.>>or click here>>





Members of QuickRewards will be able to get paid for shopping online, visiting websites, taking online surveys, reading paid emails, using grocery store coupons, signing up for offers and much more. QuickRewards pays its members within 24 hours and provides extremely fast customer service. Each member will get paid in gift certificates, cash via PayPal or Disney Dollars. They treat every member equally and go beyond our competition.
click on the above banner to Register;


2.PRIZE LIVE :[ALL COUNTRIES] (paid:9 times)

Prize Live pays you to complete free offers, surveys, and trials. They have partnered with several different advertisers and companies to bring you the most exclusive and high paying offers to maximize your revenue.
Prize Live has been paying out thousands of dollars each and every month as you can see from Their Payment Proof Board.

3.GETPAIDTo( :[ALL COUNTRIES](paid:7 times)
Get Paid To is changing the way many are making money online. NEVER Pay to become a member of a Survey Site. Survey Sites should be free to join so you can earn your FREE cash. You should never have to wait 15, 30, or in some cases 60 days for your money. Its your time, you spent it today, you should be paid today! We have no real minimum cash out. minimum cash out is only $0.01 for Paypal, and $5.00 for checks. You can earn your free cash TODAY, cash out TODAY, and be paid TODAY!


4.CASH LAGOON :[ALL COUNTRIES](paid:1 times)

Cash Lagoon

Cashlagoon now has NO MINIMUM Cashout Required. If you have a penny in your account, you can Cash it out and get that penny within 15 minutes!


Daily dollarz is upcoming GPT and having Huge payouts already.IN daily Dollarz Every day is payday.Best part is No minimum Cashout and Fast and easy Offers


6.CENT OFFERS :[USA,UK,AUS,CANADA](paid:6 times)

Another paid site from family of Prize Live. Anyone from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States can register. People from other countries cannot Each month they are  giving  away over $300 in contest prizes to those who complete the most offers!


From family of prize live.......... Season Rewards offer big prizes and rewards to members during each of the four seasons.Each season they'll have a large offer contest as well as weekly contests throughout that season. Once that season is over, the site will be slightly redesigned and brand new contests will begin!

8.MY INSTANT GPT :(paid:4 times)

MyInstantGPT - a free "Get Paid To" Earn cash for completing offers. Payments are sent Daily via PayPal and Amazon with a No minimum cashout. It's a great opportunity to make some extra cash from your own home. Register now and start making money today!

u will get 3 cents everyday as active bonus..u can withdraw it instantly

9.EXCLUSIVE GPT :(paid:10 times)

You can earn extra cash or points by simply completing surveys and offers for free.They add new offers daily for you to complete. With the cash you earn you can cash out Instantly via PayPal with a minimum of 50 cents. Earn points and you can redeem gift cards. Earn 10% of the cash your referrals make. We also have an offer and referral contest. So what are you waiting for check  out today!


Greedy Clicks

GreedyClicks is a totally free to join international site based in the USA that PAYS YOU CASH INSTANTLY to respond to simple surveys, complete lucrative offers, try free products & services , and visit other web sites - most of the surveys, offers, products, and services are totally FREE

Points2Shop is completely free to use. There are many ways to earn points, or money if you use the platform. Points2shop works with different advertisers. They give points2shop their banners, and their links. Points2shop then has members who are interested in that offer who use the Points2Shop link to that offer. When that offer is used, points2shop gets paid for sending the customer to that website. When points2shop gets paid, They pay a big portion of that to the members who complete the offers. 

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